Malavalle's Hermitage

Following the Holy Warrior's footprints

The ancient road that runs through the valley will lead us on the footprints of St. Guglielmo, the saint patron of Castiglione della Pescaia, once the noble Duke of Aquitaine. Legends say that this 12th century Lord, after a life of violence, adventures and excesses, arrived in this valley in atonement for his misdeeds after a long wandering, performing miracles including the killing of the terrible dragon that roamed in the woods behind Castiglione della Pescaia by sowing terror among the inhabitants.

An easy path for everyone, where the lushious nature frames the ruins of a suggestive hermitage built starting from the 13th century. Along the path we will have the opportunity to learn about Guglielmo's story and all the facts that led him to spend the last years of his life in solitude and contemplation and how he intensely influenced the events of Castiglione della Pescaia.

Along the way we will admire a splendid wood of monumental Cork Oaks, some sections of the old eighteenth-century aqueduct that supplied the town of Castiglione with fresh water and the mill of the ditch of S. Guglielmo.

Level: for Tourists

Duration: 3-4h

Distanza 8km

Dislivello 220m

Hiking Shoes (REQUIRED)

Water&Food: 1,5L + Snack

Backpack and Waterproof Jacket

Hat, sunglasses and solar protection

Binoculars and Hiking Sticks (optional)

Spray o lozione anti-zanzara