The vie cave and the Etruscans

Full day tour to discover Pitigliano, Sovana and the Etruscan Vie cave

In the lower Tuscan Maremma we find a unique environment, created by the volcanic explosions of the nearby Volsini Mountains. This area, made up of a series of tuffaceous hills, has been inhabited since time immemorial. Millennia later we still have the incredible roads that ancient peoples used. The vie cave, dug into the tuff are a gigantic engineering work, unique in the world.

Together we will walk through them, visiting ancient and still mysterious places. Monuments of rare beauty emerge along these canals: the Etruscan Necropolis, carved in stone, have remained there unchanged for millennia while observing the changing world.

Together with the Natural Hiking Guide we will go through two trekking rings in one day: the first (in the morning) around Pitigliano, also known as "little Jerusalem", a medieval town carved into the tuff rock. The second (after lunch) around Sovana, a small village with a centuries-old history that now seems frozen in time. An unforgettable dive into the past.


Hiking Level, must be a little trained in walk

Full Day your, personal car required for the Pitigliano-Sovana transfer

Distance: 13Km

Height gain: 400m

Hiking Shoes (REQUIRED)

Water&Snack: Hikers must take care of their own lunch. Possibility of water refilling in the villages

Backpack, Water and wind proof jacket, hat, sunglasses, solar protection.

Binoculars and Hiking sticks (optionals)