Browsing the site you will find the section with all our excursions. Please read the description carefully, paying particular attention to the TECHNICAL SHEET (where we briefly describe the characteristics of the route, difficulty, length, etc.) and to the RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT . This section is particularly important because some equipment is mandatory to participate in the Tours.

The Environmental Hiking Guide is a professional regularly recognized in Tuscany meticulously trained to accompany in safety groups of people. In this way you will ensure to be assisted by a professional, an excellent connoisseur of the itineraries, so that you just have to enjoy the day. 

For us safety is critical. Often the paths we will walk, no matter how well maintained are, require a treaded sole to avoid unpleasant injuries. The guide reserves the right to NOT accept participants in the excursion without adequate footwear. Check the technical data sheets of the excursions on the site to find out your suitable footwear. We have the possibility of rent shoes suitable only for the day.

Each hiker is required to bring their own PPE (Personal Protective Equipment: Surgical Mask or FFP2) and alcoholic sanitizing gel. The use of PPE will always be governed by the legislation in force.

he hiker who participates self-certifies that he is in good health and that he has not come into contact with people Positive to the COVID-19 virus or in quarantine in force.

Each route is classified according to its length, height gain and minimum technical difficulties. Most of the routes are within reach of everybody. We believe that the effort must be well proportioned to ensure the usability and also the pleasantness of the path. There will be several stops along the way, useful for recovering energy and to deepen the different naturalistic aspects of the area. Check below the description of the difficulty levels.

We use the classic CAI difficulty scale to classify the difficulty of the itineraries:

T (TOURISTIC): Itineraries on small roads, mule tracks or wide paths, with not long paths, clearly evident and which do not pose uncertainties or problems of orientation.

E (HIKING) Itineraries that turn on land of all kinds, or on obvious traces of passage in various terrain (pastures, debris, stony ground), usually with signs; there may be short flat , in the event of a fall, the slide stops in a short space and without danger. Sometimes they develop on open terrain, without paths but not problematic, always with adequate signs.

EE (EXPERT HIKING) These are generally signposted itineraries but which imply an ability to move on particular terrains. Paths or tracks on rough and treacherous terrain (steep and / or slippery slopes of grass, or mixed rocks and grass, or rock and debris). Varied terrain, at relatively high altitudes (stony ground, short non-steep snowfields, open slopes without reference points, etc.). 

The minimum age of children to participate in the excursions is 12 years old. Of course, minors must always be accompanied by a parent.

The Environmental Hiking Guide will unquestionably assess whether the group can proceed safely. If adverse weather conditions occur, before or during the excursion, this will be canceled. Participants will be given a Coupon to be used within 12 months for the same type of excursion.

We are big animal lovers of course. Unfortunately, we believe that the possibility of taking your four-legged friends on a walk creates some limits in the enjoyment of a walk.


For any enquiry please contact us. Our staff will answer you as soon as possible.