Maremma's Regional Park

into the Maremma's wildest heart

Into the wild

Visit with us one of the most evocative routes of the Maremma. Established in 1975, the Maremma Regional Park offers the visitor the most evocative views and landscapes of the area. The natural landscape of the Park is characterized by a variety of integrated ecosystems where a large number of plant and animal species find the ideal habitat. Dunes, Mediterranean scrub, holm oak woods and pine forest areas, up to wetlands and lowland areas.

Distance: 12 KM

Duration: 6h: 6h

Level: for Hikers

Height Gain: 130m

Hiking Shoes (REQUIRED)

Water&Food: 1,5 l of water + packed lunch (by the Hiker)

Backback, waterproof jacket, hat, sunglasses and solar protection

Anti mosquito spray

Binoculars and Hiking sticks (optionals)

Swimsuit + Towel (in summertime)