Participation in our activities implies full acceptance of the following rules.

Participants in the activities must necessarily follow all the indications that the Guide will provide them. They must remain within the group and for no reason move away from it or abandon the path, take any personal initiative without being agreed with the Guide.

Each participant must show up on time at the time and place of the appointment, equip himself in accordance with the technical data sheet (water, food, footwear, clothing) and provide to any of their practical needs. The Guide reserves the right not to accept badly equipped hikers or hikers with equipment that could compromise the safety of themselves and the group o.

Everyone must always evaluate their physical conditions by promptly informing the Guide in the event of problems or other unforeseen events.

Underage participants are in the custody of the adult accompanying them.

Each participant undertakes not to collect flowers, fruits, plants and stones along the way and also to arrange for the transport of their waste to the nearest collection point.

People who have particular pathologies (eg. Allergies or other), are required to bring along the necessary personal medicines. The Guide is not authorized to administer drugs or other treatments other than those relating to First Aid.

If a participant decides to leave the group, for any reason, he or she fully assumes responsibility for his choice, also notifying the Guide and the other participants in the Excursion and signing his decision.

Participants in the Excursion will pay for the Guide services purchased before the start of the Excursion itself. Failure to show up at the place and time set by the Guide will not result in any refund of the participation fee.

Partecipants can cancel their reservation not after 72h before the starting of the event. If they cancel after 72h we will charge 50% of the total.

The Guide reserves the right to MODIFY the itinerary, or CANCEL even during the excursion if the conditions for carrying out the activity in the MAXIMUM SAFETY.

In the event of cancellation of the excursion, a VOUCHER of the same amount will be issued which can be used within 12 months of its creation.