Yoga Hiking

to find the mind-body-nature balance

Yoga is an ancient discipline that consists of body positions, breathing techniques, meditation, sound vibrations and much more which have the purpose of contacting our deepest essence and not very accessible to consciousness. Starting from the meaning of the word yuj (union), yoga aims to rebalance the body, mind and spirit by bringing the person back to a condition of general well-being. Furthermore, the natural environments with a strong energetic resonance, allow us even more to connect with universal energy, amplifying the beneficial effects of this ancient discipline.
The outputs will be conducted by a Yoga teacher and an Environmental Guide Hiking. You will discover unspoiled nature and unforgettable landscapes while letting go of all the tensions of everyday life accumulated to be reborn, regenerated by this experience.

Experience duration: 2h

Level: for Tourists


Comfortable shoes


Backpack and Waterproof Jacket

Hat, sunglasses and solar protection

yoga mat

walk. discover. breathe.